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We are looking for: Front End React/React Native Developer

■ Build the front end of new projects, making them beautiful, intuitive, and delightful
■ Take your skills to the next level by working with the latest tech on cutting edge projects
■ Work closely with our team, learning from pros and developing interns
■ Be supported to learn and grow towards your professional and personal goals, whatever they may be
■ Available full-time (40 hours/week and more)

■ Solid skill set in React.JS and/or React Native, along with Redux
■ Familiar with WebPack
■ Mastery of the basics: JavaScript, ES6/ES7, HTML5, CSS3
■ Experience on a remote team a plus
■ Fairly good command of English (both written and spoken)

■ Exciting, dynamic and ambitious projects to work on
■ Flexibility to work remotely where you want and when you want
■ A skyrocketing learning curve and career (We give you the freedom to take on challenges, and we know that failing fast is an opportunity to learn)
■ Experience working on an international team full of tech geniuses (Antarctica is the only continent we don’t have a team member on. Antarctic applicants are encouraged!)
■ Join our open, collaborative culture (We want to share our knowledge as well as learn from you!)
■ Develop your entrepreneurial side
■ Additional opportunities as we grow and learn together

PERSONAL QUALITIES (as important as skills!)
■ Creative: You think outside the box. We want your ideas and feedback not only for the project and coding, but also for the whole company
■ Timely and committed: You manage well your time
■ Challenger: You like to push yourself and go beyond your own goals. We’re ambitious and we want you to be too!
■ Quality-driven: You create great work you’re proud of!
■ Fast learner: You’ll learn a lot with us, and we move fast!
■ Team player: You share, discuss, ask for advice, and report on your work on yourself. You’ll work independently, we don’t want to be on your back

■ Work comfortably from home, remotely, at flexible hours

About https://createl.la/

Creatella innovates at the edge between a startup incubator and a tech and marketing agency. We thrive in the challenging world of startups by imagining, building, and launching fresh products every year, and serving other startups with the tech and marketing skills they need to grow.   OUR TEAM: Our team of creators hails from all over the world, collaborating across over 15 countries and every continent except Antarctica (antarctic applicants welcome). With equally diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, collectively we wield a broad and deep skill set to tackle any challenge. From our CEO to our Interns, we all have the same status as team members. OUR VALUES: - Learning: We invest in developing each of our team members and know that failures are opportunities to learn. - Empowerment: We trust our talented team. Whatever your ambitions or ideas, we encourage you to go after them and will support you. - Freedom: Work when you want, from where you want, the way you want, and do great things. (choice of projects, tasks, working time, no binding contract etc.) - Team: All for one and one for all. - Diversity: Our team is from all around the world. Our diversity make us stronger. OUR PROJECTS 1. Bilingua (EdTech) - https://bilingua.io Launched in November of 2016, Bilingua is an Edtech app for language learning and exchange. It connects  learners all over the world to native speakers, to practice languages  by chatting together. 2. PhoneSwap (P2P) - https://phoneswap.io Launched in January of 2017, PhoneSwap is a P2P platform for buying and selling pre-loved mobile devices. For buyers it takes just a few clicks to select the model they want, filter for features, compare, and easily choose the best offer. Sellers can smoothly list their inventory and take advantage of hassle-free shipping. 3. Marketing & Tech Agency Alongside our internal projects, we also deliver on contracts for clients (websites, web and mobile apps, digital marketing strategy and execution). The projects vary widely and bring vital income to the team. After a few months, I would be glad to invite you to work on some of these projects.
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