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Paymentwall goes live with 6000 merchants a month. Some, are VIP merchants requiring custom solutions spanning from special UIs, payment flows, integrations, custom coding, tax regulation knowledge, payment system knowledge as well as localization. Some of the clients also have special Risk settings, Customer service requirements and other needs. Paymentwall has built a self-serve platform serving most of its users; however, this position will serve the VIP clients with superior service and experience.


As the VIP Client Project Manager, you will work with Risk, Integration, Business Development,  Merchant Support, Compliance, Merchant Risk, Account Optimization, Account Management and CRM teams from all over the world to gather requirements and to execute the needs of a client. You will interface with the client in their local language and assist them for a frictionless ‘go live’ experience.


Excellent English.
Customer service oriented, tactful and polite, yet able to resist clients’ objections with logical responses.
Research oriented, absorbing all kinds of data about payment systems, tax regulations, and compliance and onboarding requirements.
Project Management experience.
Detail and excellence oriented person.
University bachelor or above is required



Outlining project timeline.
Managing dependencies.
Participating in meetings with clients and internal teams via phone calls and in person.
Giving updates internally and externally on project status.
Consulting merchants on implementation of customized solutions.




About Paymentwall Inc.

Paymentwall – The global digital commerce platform for selling digital goods and online services.Paymentwall is the leading merchant of record digital commerce platform for selling digital content, goods, and services globally, assisting game publishers, dating sites, rewards sites, SaaS companies, and many other verticals.Paymentwall can be easily integrated into your product to help you reach users from anywhere in the world. Paymentwall provides state-of-the-art services such as 120+ localized payment options, fraud management, 24/7 international customer and merchant support, delivery confirmation and risk management APIs, sales and pricing optimization, UI/UX customization, skinnable checkout widgets and flows, VAT and sales tax management. Our numerous alternative payment options enable your users to purchase your digital goods and services unlike ever before. As a customer-focused digital commerce platform, we make sure your customers get the best service possible regardless of their geographic location, day and time. Paymentwall provides its users localized interface and customer service in 25+ languages.Our team has extensive experience in eCommerce, social networking, online gaming, and payment systems and we make excellent consultants in addition to being your trusted global digital commerce platform.With 10 offices around the world and our team travelling from conference to conference constantly, we may be very close to you unlike any other payment company. Whether you're in San Francisco, Berlin, Istanbul, Kiev, Manila, Hanoi, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Beijing or Sao Paulo, please stop by our offices and meet us face to face, or attend one of our parties in our global offices, enjoy some drinks and have some fun times with us!
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